A question I'm often asked is how to wear colour. And it's a question I LOVE to answer :) I totally get that it often isn't as easy as that for many of us.

I've always gravitated towards items of clothing that offer colour by the shed load. I'm a sucker for anything brightly coloured, a magpie if you will, for all things loud and proud and for something that will allow my outfit to stand out in a crowd.

I remember, when I decided to have a clear out of the clothes that didn't work with absolutely every other piece in my wardrobe, and what I was left with was a v monochromatic wardrobe with a few stripes, navy's and grey's thrown in for good measure. And whilst it was extremely easy to get ready in a morning, as I was choosing from a wardrobe filled with identical black and white blouses, it didn't bring me joy, it didn't make me feel proud of my styling choice and it certainly dampened my spirit and my mood.

After that moment, I vowed to never, ever, ever do something 'cause everyone else was doing it. In all aspects of life might I add, not just those sartorial situations. Since then my love of colour, for standing out a little bit and simply having a heck load of fun with my wardrobe has allowed me to create a wardrobe bursting with colour, so I guess you could say I have a lot to thank colour for ey?

So with that, and my absolute LOVE for all things brightly coloured, I wanted to address some of the things that I feel will help you inject a few drops of colour, to start with, into your wardrobe, taking you right the way through to being all walking, all talking rainbow girl... Just the way I like it.


If your version of being bold and colourful is throwing on a red lip, then you're gonna like this one. 
Start off small, injecting colour in a small way through accessories. This will allow you to experiment with which colours you like and which you'd rather steer clear of. You can dip your toe with handbags, earrings, socks, even bag charms, whilst sticking to your all black uniform so you won't feel too far from your usual self.



Take this look for example; to me, this isn't too crazy on the colour scale. I've simply taken a classic pretty white blouse, which we all know and love. All that's different is the fact I chose to go with a great shade of pinkiest pink shorts.


This may sound SO OTT to some, but certainly not for me. I feel I fall in love with an item almost every single day, I'm just completely into fashion and styling so when I see an item I like, it's definitely more love to me. 
So what I'm saying to you black wearing aficionado's is to take the plunge on that unlikely on trend favourite in the colour you wouldn't dare wear, 'cause let me tell you, you will wear it. You'll desperately want to wear it as you're oh so in lurrrrve with it.

Take the plunge, buy that piece and rock it! 


Worried about having to do the dreaded colour split whilst washing? Then go for darker shades of red, blue and green, whilst easing you into this colour malarky beautifully and also being on trend for AW21 of course, you'll be able to eliminate the colour splitting whilst doing the laundry.


If you're slowly warming up to the idea of colour a great way to get your colourful juices flowing is with a print and no I don't mean stripes! 
Granted, I've mentioned this a few times before but honestly prints are often the gateway for many a styling success. Select a print that features black, for starters, say for example a glorious green + black dress. It'll work seamlessly with your monochromatic wardrobe and ease you into the world of colour gently. 
Seriously, before you know it you'll be rocking said dress with hot pink shoes, 'cause it's the colour combination of the century dontcha know?

So thats five of my tips to ease you into a bright and colourful new world. The trick with most styling ways is to go in slowly, add a pop of colour here, a new print there and in no time you'll be donning a look Leandra Medine would be proud of.

I know you can do it :)

Go get the colour girls!

Big Love Lou xx


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