Age Appropriate is so OVER...

Age Appropriate is so OVER...

What counts as age appropriate when it comes to dressing?

Women are constantly questioning their choices and instincts when it comes to getting dressed and end up feeling anxious about what they wear. “I don’t wear short sleeves or sleeveless anymore”, “I don’t think I can wear shorts anymore”, and just simply “I’m too old for that” are common themes. My suggestion? Who cares?! Ignore the naysayers and the ageist attitudes pushed on us all. Preconceived notions be damned.

How, then, should you decide what to wear? Stay true to your personality and wear what you love.

Today women of every age wear Converse, leather pants, T-shirts, slip dresses, while others wear pantsuits, or demure flowing dresses. Just because you get older, it doesn’t mean you should give up the pieces that have made you happy for years. In fact, I suggest you revisit pieces you have always loved, and at the same time push your comfort zone to try new pieces you’ve never worn.

Case in point sixty-something Isabelle Huppert pictured above. I would have worn her outfit in my 20s and still would today.

I love this image of Elon Musk (founder of Tesla)

Her style is sleek and minimal, but when she heads out for an event she goes all out with something like this. You need to know that she has great taste in earrings, lipstick, roll-necks and dogs.

Last week I saw a woman in her 70s on a bike wearing the most worn-in Mom jeans, they must have been years old. I don’t think she was wearing them to be on trend or look younger, she was wearing them just because. They seemed to fit her personality so they made sense. Another moment that will be forever ingrained in my memory is seeing an older woman in Copenhagen dressed in a designer dress and nike sneakers. She had some serious, very with-it style. You could tell she found joy in getting dressed, and wasn’t bound by “rules”.

What are your “I would buts….”? The kind of clothing items you’re drawn to, but chicken out on for various reasons. Scared of a slipdress? Throw a blazer over it.

Really prefer sneakers with your suit? By all means, pair them together. Know the difference between being uncomfortable in something (say a sleeveless top, though I would like to think that we can all learn to become more accepting of our bodies, aging and what we consider “flaws” ) and being uncomfortable with going against what you think is appropriate (there is no age limit on wearing sleeveless).

Listen to the first (if you must), ignore the later.

Being happy and confident in what you’re wearing are key factors to creating a successful wardrobe at any age. And getting older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take chances. Getting dressed should be a delight and pleasure, not an anxiety-ridden, rule-laden chore.

I hope to have inspired some of you to embrace a new look & find joy in what you wear! Age has no style limits.

Until next time..... Lou xx

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