Dopamine Dressing - What To Wear to Spark Joy

Dopamine Dressing - What To Wear to Spark Joy

Dopamine Dressing - What To Wear To Spark Joy

If you’re an avid Tik Tok or Instagram scroller, like us, then you’re sure to know exactly what we mean when we say Dopamine Dressing.

After a lack-lustre summer following a challenging year fashion trends naturally moved to some much needed optimism in the form of bright colours and playful prints. Colourful outfits erupted all over social media and this feel good fashion is here to stay.

So what exactly is dopamine dressing? Well, it’s different for everyone. It’s wearing the clothes that make you feel good. That could be joggers and a jumper, it could be your favourite pair of jeans or it could be that dress you were saving for a special occasion - NB Girls never 'save' anything for best, wear it, love it and enjoy it.

For some, bright colours is what boosts their mood. Colour psychologist Karen Haller says: "Colour is a great way to lift our spirits and boost our moods in an instant. Our confidence can be boosted when we wear colours that we love and feel good in.

“We instinctively feel and behave differently around colours because of how we take the colour in through our eyes and through to the part of our brain where our emotions reside.”

Ultimately, dopamine dressing is whatever makes you feel good. The most important thing is to have fun with it.

Dress yourself happy and take a leaf out of the book of our community of Vanillafluencers who are showcasing joyful dressing with some of our best bright colours and bold prints.

Caroline @carolinestylehacks wearing Résumé Glam Green Cardigan

Astrid @astridwantyouinmylife wearing Miss Pom Pom Rainbow Scarf

Sarah Macken Editor of The Gloss Mag Wearing Résumé Gia Scallop Blouse

Vanilla Customer Claire Wearing Happy Résumé Gerda Sheep Knit 

For me, wearing what I truly love has taken a little while (if I'm honest) I have always been / dressed a little different to the norm, accepting it has taken a few years, more grey hairs and truly accepting my style. A little eccentric I guess, lover of colour and embracing new, I've had those years of wearing grey, black and beige, these wardrobe classics will always play a part in my outfits - the are essentials after all. BUT my joyous wardrobe now consists of colour, print and things I adore, all of them, every single one.

Lou Wearing New In Cabanac Floral Blouse + Alba Rose Beret (sorry has now sold out) We do have grey available. 

My Ethos: wear what you love, enjoy getting dressed in the morning, wear the colour, feel the joy. Never save anything for best, always consider wearability, versatility, shop well, love & wear more.

In sum: Wearing what you LOVE, this maybe a full on colourful, print clashing frenzy or simply a great sweater + jean mix with some amazing boots. Whatever dopamine dressing looks like for you wear it, love it and feel the energy it gives you.

If I have inspired just one person today it's been a great day!

As always Love Lou xx





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