How to wear a knit vest a million ways

How to wear a knit vest a million ways

Now the sweater vest, knitted tank, sleeveless knit (the many guises)
Have you ever wondered or experienced finding the one? When one is actually to find a thing that genuinely makes them think differently about the existing contents of their wardrobes.
In that instance, the item should technically help any among us to find enoughness in our respective wardrobes — reinvigorate the stuff that is already in there, implore us to experience the sensation of utter fullness. The feeling needs to be Wow this thing actually brought my sense of satisfaction back to life.
I was chatting to a friend who is on the fence about knit vests, she mentioned she had been eyeing one up in September, she really liked it, but didn’t get it. Then for weeks, could not stop thinking about all the ways she wanted to wear it.
So, it got me thinking and Lucy this is just for you :)
A million ways to wear a sweater vest
To a winter wedding or dinner
To the office / work from home
Take to a meeting
Or maybe I would rather wear it with a bunch of nothing under
Or a lunch break
To drop the kids off
To pick myself up
To elevate the jacket
In sum:

Lately, my whole wardrobe seems much more fun because of a sweater vest.

If you can relate, great! I did some market research. If you can’t, that is great too. Don’t give in to peer pressure, live your truth, etc.

If there's one thing to try this season give the knit vest a go, it may just transform your outfits.

Love as per Lou xx

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