Let Me Introduce You To BCE (Big Collar Energy) The Wardrobe Boost You Never Knew You Needed

Let Me Introduce You To BCE (Big Collar Energy) The Wardrobe Boost You Never Knew You Needed

BCE ~ It's A Vibe
The fashion industry is known to (sometimes) take itself rather seriously. It wants you to know it’s a serious business – which it certainly is – but sometimes this translates to exclusivity and iciness. This is possibly why the sight of Billy Porter twirling and shrieking in his Roksanda gown was a sight of pure, unadulterated joy. His billowing dress came complete with a ruffled collar, too, which I happen to believe was the source of his boundless energy. His Big Collar Energy, to be exact.
I for one LOVE BCE and find myself adding collars left, right and centre to each and every look.
It's the missing detail that can really elevate and finish off a look. Whether the collar is oversized, adorned in lace, scalloped, daggered, ruffled or Peter-Pan(ed) I am such a sucker for a good ole fashioned collar.
You may be weighing up the pros and cons of BCE, this is what I decided, generally BCE is made from 100% cotton meaning it will wash well, you can wear it with jeans, skirts, printed strides or elevate a jogger look. The real clincher, though, is the fact the fact they have a dramatic oversized detail. While my loving husband suggests I resemble a 1970s children’s entertainer, I feel invincible in Big Collar Energy!
Add in that collar and hey presto – it’s a ‘piece’. Also, I’m inclined to admit that as soon as I heard the words ‘1970s children’s entertainer’ fall out of my husbands mouth, I knew I had achieved that for which I subconsciously longed.
If BIG BCE is not for you, go for exaggerated, ruffles or piped detailing.
Anyway, my point – hooray! I hear you cry – is that actually, I noticed a lot of BCE going on over fashion week. On the catwalks, for example, Burberry showed off smart white collars emblazoned with the brand’s name, while VB’s ‘70s tailoring included her signature sharp, oversized collars worn over jumpers and blazers.  Meanwhile, and needless to say Roksanda proffered an array of frills for Porter – and us all – to enjoy.

So, as the new season is well and truly underway, I encourage you all to embrace the BCE. It is, as Billy Porter can attest, truly a thing of joy.

As always big love as per Lou xx

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