New Season Lovelies

New Season Lovelies

I know we are still thinking summer fun, sandy toes and basking in the August sunshine! (even though we've had a little lack of sunshine)

But, we're heading toward new season in full force and boy it's going to be an exciting one at Studio V. Expect new brands, new style and exciting collections that'll warm your cockles!

There's big collar energy, knitwear beauties, printed strides and dreamy colours. Layering is key, powered with joyful dressing, wearing what you love and of course wear what makes you happy! The days are gone whereby we dress for others & to certain rules - hallelujah to this :) 

I don't know if it's my age, lockdown or the style goal posts moving, I for one am changing my style aesthetic, I'm from a style generation of rule upon rule, dress to make you look smaller, only wear certain colours according to your chart! I say ditch those charts and embrace you, dressing is a joy. Revisit those styles you adored in the 70's or 80's ~ just adapt your look to the lifestyle you lead now.

One of the biggest style adaptations to arrive in the UK from my fave place ever Denmark, and girls she's not going anywhere, once you feel the versatility and how a best in vest changes your look you'll be hooked I promise! Expect lots of variations at VHQ this Autumn.

And yes our wardrobe style essential 'The Dress' she back, bigger, bolder, more printed more colourful than ever before. How to this season I hear you cry! Clash her with checks, animal print and a little style favourite of mine a colour clash. Pink with green, red with pink, electric blue & mustard. Girls, don't forget those chunky boots, high or low top your choice! 

Now this is a whole new blog post! Studio V's footwear collection! Excited yes.

A little taster for your girls of what's to come, to say I am excited is an understatement, stay tuned for snippets and style edits over on Instagram stories!

Oh how I love Autumn :)

Get set lovelies & until next time (promise it will not be so long)

Big love as per

Lou xx





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