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How to wear a knit vest a million ways

Now the sweater vest, knitted tank, sleeveless knit (the many guises) Have you ever wondered or experienced finding the one? When one is actually to find a thing that genuinely makes them think differently about the existing contents of their wardrobes. In that instance, the item should technically help any among us to find enoughness in our respective wardrobes — reinvigorate the stuff that is already in there, implore us to experience the sensation of utter fullness. The feeling needs to be Wow this thing actually brought my sense of satisfaction back to life. I was chatting to a friend who is on the fence about knit vests, she mentioned she had been eyeing one up in September, she really liked it,...

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How To Wear Colour In Winter

Bored of Beige? Here's how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe this season! The fashion world can broadly be divided up into people who love colour and those who feel most comfortable in soft beiges and muted tones. It's fair to say that the fashion gods have not looked kindly upon the former crowd over the last year or two.  While I will always have time for the expensive-looking power of earthy hues, I've recently experienced a serious case of beige fatigue. This is saying something because I am firmly in the colour-ambivalent camp, and have to force myself to add notes of colour into my wardrobe of navy, brown and black. However, over the last month, I've found the...

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New Season Lovelies

I know we are still thinking summer fun, sandy toes and basking in the August sunshine! (even though we've had a little lack of sunshine) But, we're heading toward new season in full force and boy it's going to be an exciting one at Studio V. Expect new brands, new style and exciting collections that'll warm your cockles! There's big collar energy, knitwear beauties, printed strides and dreamy colours. Layering is key, powered with joyful dressing, wearing what you love and of course wear what makes you happy! The days are gone whereby we dress for others & to certain rules - hallelujah to this :)  I don't know if it's my age, lockdown or the style goal posts moving,...

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