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Welcome Gestuz

Gestuz Ever wondered why Scandi style looks so good? Because they have brands like this. Easy to wear pieces with that laid-back but effortlessly statement Danish style. Passport to looking like a laid-back Danish girls starts here. Gestuz was founded by Sanne Sehested Nielsen in 2007. She had the creative vision to combine effortless, elegant style with something a bit edgy but still feminine. Sanne's aim was create more unique every day pieces, in lux textures, at affordable premium prices. We thought we'd seen the brand around before years ago, but then it seemed to drop of our radar, now its back with full leather, floral and texture force. Think beautiful pieces, wardrobe hero's and unexpected details. This is the...

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Let Me Introduce You To BCE (Big Collar Energy) The Wardrobe Boost You Never Knew You Needed

BCE ~ It's A Vibe The fashion industry is known to (sometimes) take itself rather seriously. It wants you to know it’s a serious business – which it certainly is – but sometimes this translates to exclusivity and iciness. This is possibly why the sight of Billy Porter twirling and shrieking in his Roksanda gown was a sight of pure, unadulterated joy. His billowing dress came complete with a ruffled collar, too, which I happen to believe was the source of his boundless energy. His Big Collar Energy, to be exact. I for one LOVE BCE and find myself adding collars left, right and centre to each and every look.It's the missing detail that can really elevate and finish off...

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A question I'm often asked is how to wear colour. And it's a question I LOVE to answer :) I totally get that it often isn't as easy as that for many of us. I've always gravitated towards items of clothing that offer colour by the shed load. I'm a sucker for anything brightly coloured, a magpie if you will, for all things loud and proud and for something that will allow my outfit to stand out in a crowd. I remember, when I decided to have a clear out of the clothes that didn't work with absolutely every other piece in my wardrobe, and what I was left with was a v monochromatic wardrobe with a few stripes, navy's and...

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