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Dopamine Dressing - What To Wear to Spark Joy

Dopamine Dressing - What To Wear To Spark Joy If you’re an avid Tik Tok or Instagram scroller, like us, then you’re sure to know exactly what we mean when we say Dopamine Dressing. After a lack-lustre summer following a challenging year fashion trends naturally moved to some much needed optimism in the form of bright colours and playful prints. Colourful outfits erupted all over social media and this feel good fashion is here to stay. So what exactly is dopamine dressing? Well, it’s different for everyone. It’s wearing the clothes that make you feel good. That could be joggers and a jumper, it could be your favourite pair of jeans or it could be that dress you were saving for a...

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How To Wear Colour In Winter

Bored of Beige? Here's how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe this season! The fashion world can broadly be divided up into people who love colour and those who feel most comfortable in soft beiges and muted tones. It's fair to say that the fashion gods have not looked kindly upon the former crowd over the last year or two.  While I will always have time for the expensive-looking power of earthy hues, I've recently experienced a serious case of beige fatigue. This is saying something because I am firmly in the colour-ambivalent camp, and have to force myself to add notes of colour into my wardrobe of navy, brown and black. However, over the last month, I've found the...

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A question I'm often asked is how to wear colour. And it's a question I LOVE to answer :) I totally get that it often isn't as easy as that for many of us. I've always gravitated towards items of clothing that offer colour by the shed load. I'm a sucker for anything brightly coloured, a magpie if you will, for all things loud and proud and for something that will allow my outfit to stand out in a crowd. I remember, when I decided to have a clear out of the clothes that didn't work with absolutely every other piece in my wardrobe, and what I was left with was a v monochromatic wardrobe with a few stripes, navy's and...

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