Welcome Gestuz

Welcome Gestuz


Ever wondered why Scandi style looks so good? Because they have brands like this. Easy to wear pieces with that laid-back but effortlessly statement Danish style.

Passport to looking like a laid-back Danish girls starts here.

Gestuz was founded by Sanne Sehested Nielsen in 2007. She had the creative vision to combine effortless, elegant style with something a bit edgy but still feminine. Sanne's aim was create more unique every day pieces, in lux textures, at affordable premium prices. We thought we'd seen the brand around before years ago, but then it seemed to drop of our radar, now its back with full leather, floral and texture force.

Think beautiful pieces, wardrobe hero's and unexpected details. This is the beauty of Danish brands they capture style with a bit of a twist, not trends. We love something a bit different but also things that we can invest in and pull out year after year.

Why have I chosen Gestuz? Gestuz is not so known over here. They also offer something a bit more unique than British premium brands of a similar level (no offence Reiss you're just not cutting the remoulade - Danish condiment similar to mustard). Quality is good, product is good, price is in line with premium expectations, so good in our eyes. 

Gestuz is satisfying our need for style over trend and fulfils our need to buy better, love more and love longer :)


That Alpha gloriously coloured chevron stripe sweater will be coming out until I physically have to stop wearing it for some reason, it's like the best friend we never knew we were missing, and you never get tired of best friends. Remember me saying, love more, wear longer - Alpha sweater looks so good with so many other pieces, over dresses, over dungarees, big collar under or simply with jeans. The colour it brings joy!

Rubi Red sweatpants & sweatshirt will bring that comfy, cosy feeling we all LOVE! weekending, lounging or on the go - A coord lounge set brings so much versatility, wear separately or as the Danish girls do *together* with an oversized coat or a quilted liner. Wear forever pieces!

Okay we are biased (or biased V rather) but Gestuz are just great pieces we know we'll want to wear year after year! The kind of things we're willing to pay a little bit more for when we know we'll wear and know not everyone else will have (how many of the same Zara coats do you see people in). Be unique. Be you.

Stay tuned for more Gestuz arriving for SS/22! 

It's an exciting time at Studio V..... Watch this space.

As always, thank you for supporting moi, shopping mall & keeping the small biz dream alive.

Big Love Lou xx



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