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What's News

Hello & welcome to our newest edit of what's new & what's happening here at Studio V this Spring/Summer. And yes my motto for 2022 really is "Be Fabby"

We promised more happy dressing, more colour, more outfit positivity and of course wearing what you LOVE!

Not one but 3 new brands have just arrived and I couldn't be anymore excited & I'm happy you girls are loving them too! February may seem an odd month to receive lots of Spring beauties I hear you cry.... But girls thats the beauty of seeing and feeling the Spring vibes super early and experiencing what joy the season has ahead! And let me tell you it's an exciting one!

I remember quite a few years back when Gok, Trinny & Susannah blasted onto our screens advocating only wear a certain colour to compliment or stick to a certain shape to make you look smaller, whilst I totally get that in principle BUT (and there's a big BUT pending) style is sooooooo far removed from this now - we embrace our bodies, wear the colours we love and celebrate womanhood whatever age, size or shape you are. Style has no age limit I add.

Fast forward to 2020 when the world turned upside down so did the way we dress, it made us re- think the way we dress & our attitudes toward fashion. You may have seen the caption 'revenge dressing' trending on twitter alongside a leopard print co-ord or ornately printed dress, whatever the image it gives the same message - this is not just any outfit!

The Pandemic revenge outfit is characterised by a unique set of sensibilities: melodrama, extravagance, and unadulterated excess. It’s the kind of outfit we haven’t had any place to wear for the last 18 months. One that, we hope, will make up for all of the time we’ve spent neglecting our wardrobes during lockdown, when dressing up meant donning a matching pyjama set. In short, it’s a sartorial f*** you to Covid.

Step in statement outfits, happy dressing, pulling our positive pants on, wearing the colour, wear whatever shape you want, clash your prints - a go all out mix if you so wish.

After over a year of living in sweatpants, it’s clear that us style lovers want to feel the joy of dressing up again, and it seems we've taken advantage of this time spent at home to rethink and shatter the traditional codes of dressing,”

Welcome flamboyance.

This brings me to Cras our latest brand to arrive from across the ocean- In note the happiest brand you'll come across! Expect exuberance, colour & prints galore.

Copenhagen-based label bringing a hyper-glamorous, upbeat aesthetic to responsibly made pieces. Cras takes its name from the Latin ‘tomorrow’ and is rooted in a desire to rethink our fashion and lifestyle consumption to nurture a better future. Cras only works with sustainable materials in order to reduce emissions, pesticides and the use of natural resources. The label’s collections will be made using certified recycled polyester from plastic waste, certified organic cotton, biodegradable and sustainable Lenzing Tencel™, sustainable ECOVERO™ viscose, low impact sustainable ISKO Earth Fit™ denim and wool. In addition, knits are made in Denmark. Packaging and labels are also constructed from recycled materials.

Next up! Lollys Laundry - Think ibiza sun, balmy summers evenings all mixed with the ability to layer up for Winter. Love more wear more.

A delicate mix of florals meeting vivid prints, designed to compliment any wardrobe, style it up and wear how you desire.

The philosophy is to create a brand where the quality and price are woven together, resulting in strong collections that let you style the look up or down, depending on whether you are into classic romanticism or the tough rock chick look. The danish design of the pieces are beautiful, a nod to our feminine side, exciting colours and the BEST quilted pieces.

Lastly but by no means least! Fresh from LA we welcome April Meets October the Instagram sensation "May Dress" I have yearned for this dress for over a year & I'm so happy it's arrived. All I imagined and more.

Handmade from a one woman brand based in LA, 100% cotton & yes HAS POCKETS! What more can I say! A wear every season kinda gal, layer up for now then wear solo with chunky sandals or scrappy heels come summer.

A very exciting season ahead I say! There's more coming too, I simply cannot wait for you all to see my footwear edit! Eeeekkkkkkk

Okay, so this has taken longer than I anticipated :) Lots to tell you as it's been so long! 

For now, goodbye from moi, Happy LOVE day girls and yes wear the dress!

Love Lou xx

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